DSCN4981 DSCN4982 DSCN4983 DSCN4984
DSCN4985 DSCN4986 DSCN4987 DSCN4988
Do it right and he walks into your hand DSCN4990 DSCN4991 And just like that, he's gone
See, I made a mistak...nstead of his finger DSCN4994 DSCN4995 DSCN4996
DSCN4997 DSCN4998 DSCN4999 DSCN5000
Sneak attack! Two steps back? Why two steps back? DSCN5003 Hey! Where did he go?
DSCN5005 DSCN5006 DSCN5007 DSCN5008
Look how everybody i...t, not embarassment) DSCN5010 DSCN5011 DSCN5012
DSCN5013 DSCN5014 DSCN5015 DSCN5016
DSCN5017 DSCN5018 DSCN5019 DSCN5020
DSCN5021 DSCN5022 DSCN5023 DSCN5024
DSCN5025 DSCN5026 DSCN5027 DSCN5028
DSCN5029 DSCN5030 DSCN5031 DSCN5032
DSCN5033 DSCN5034 DSCN5035 DSCN5036
DSCN5037 DSCN5038 DSCN5039 DSCN5040
DSCN5041 DSCN5042 DSCN5043 DSCN5044
DSCN5045 DSCN5046 DSCN5047 DSCN5048
DSCN5049 Even my ears are sweating DSCN5051 DSCN5052
DSCN5053 DSCN5054 DSCN5055 DSCN5056
DSCN5057 DSCN5058 DSCN5059 DSCN5060
DSCN5061 DSCN5062 DSCN5063 DSCN5064
DSCN5065 DSCN5066 DSCN5067 DSCN5068
DSCN5069 DSCN5070 DSCN5071 DSCN5072
DSCN5073 DSCN5074 DSCN5075 DSCN5076
DSCN5077 DSCN5078 DSCN5079 DSCN5080
DSCN5081 DSCN5082 DSCN5083 DSCN5084
DSCN5085 DSCN5086 DSCN5087 DSCN5088
DSCN5089 DSCN5090 DSCN5091 DSCN5092
DSCN5093 DSCN5094 DSCN5095 DSCN5096
DSCN5097 DSCN5098 DSCN5099 DSCN5100
DSCN5101 DSCN5102 DSCN5103 DSCN5104
DSCN5105 DSCN5106 DSCN5107 DSCN5108
DSCN5109 Upside down sensei DSCN5111 DSCN5112
DSCN5113 DSCN5114 DSCN5115 DSCN5116
DSCN5117 DSCN5118 DSCN5119 DSCN5120
DSCN5121 DSCN5122 DSCN5123 DSCN5124
DSCN5125 DSCN5126 DSCN5127 Amazing flying Andrej
DSCN5129 DSCN5130 DSCN5131 DSCN5132
DSCN5133 DSCN5134 DSCN5135 DSCN5136
DSCN5137 DSCN5138 DSCN5139 DSCN5140
DSCN5141 DSCN5142 DSCN5143 DSCN5144
DSCN5145 DSCN5146 DSCN5147 DSCN5148
DSCN5149 DSCN5150 DSCN5151 Dobravec sensei, Toy... Satje, Bauer sensei
Dobravec sensei, Toy...sensei, Bauer sensei DSCN5154 DSCN5155 DSCN5156
Matjaz sensei, Steven sensei, Tamara DSCN5158 Mojca, Ziga, Dobrave...nsei, Andrej, Matija DSCN5160
Andrej Bauer sensei,...a sensei, Mili Bauer DSCN5162 DSCN5163
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